Hanna Corporation

We are a small company who pursue a "globe family" without war under a close economical relationship with world-wide friends.




1984:      Established at Jyoto-ku, Osaka with a capital for Yen 10,000,000.

1985 ~    Exported shell buttons to Hong Kong and Germany.

              Exported Portable overlock machines to USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,

              Ecuador etc.

              Representing Toyota industrial sewing machines, Kansai Special industrial 

              sewing machines, KM Cloth cutting machines for Syrian markets.

              Under Government promotion for importing, imported ivory accessories from

              Hong Kong and exhibited in import fairs held in Tokyo and Osaka.

1989:      Visited Trade fairs in enrope to buy Kitchenwares with Ebisuya Co.

              Started to import Fresh water mussel shell for making nucleus for cultured 

              pearl  from USA.

              Buying Blacklip MOP shell from Tahiti and selling nucleus for Blackpearl on barter


1990:      Exhibited and Uruguayan ceramic animal figurines at "The International

              Garden and Greenery Exposition" held in Osaka nearby from us and sold 

              3 million Yen.

1991:      Under "Gulf War" period, managed to export 9000 Kerosene heaters to Saudi   


1992:      Imported Dishwasher racks from "Traex", USA and wholesaled to Dishwasher


              Imported Shell button blanks from Fiji.

              Annual turn over amounted 830 million Yen, out of which 70 million Yen of

              Industrial sewing machines were exported to Syria per month at high peak.

              Every year, visited Damascus for next 5 years.

1996:      Exported Nucleus for South sea pearl to Australia and Philippines and 2nd grade

              nucleus for Hong Kong.

              Started to export Secondhand sewing machines to Vietnam. Strong buying

              30 million Yen per month leaded the customer to become millionaire just

              for 10 years.

              Started to import Home use sewing machines from Taiwan.

1997:     Constantly exported Side cutter, attachment for home use sewing machines to

              USA and Europe.

1997 ~   Regularly exported Kerosene heater every hear to Saudi Arabia, but sales of

              Industrial sewing machines were reduced since the factories were moved to

              Korea, Taiwan and China.

              Constantly imported Home use sewing machines from Taiwan.

              Decreased the import of Fresh water mussel shell from USA into 1/10 due to

              recession of pearl industry.

              Still importing sea shells for shell button and shell button blanks up to now.

2013:      March; Visited Shell button factory in Qingdao, China with Murata Button.

     March 15; Maisonet rental house "Trianon Higashi Nakahama" completed.

               April;   Visited shell harvested area for nucleus of cultured pearl in Tennessee.

2017:      March; Purchased solar power plant (58KW) at Gose-city, Nara

               Sept.; Visited CISMA in Shanghai and reunioned with Mr. Mansour Barakat

                          from Syria since 5 years. 

2018:      March; Completed "Multi-Office" leasing  for Nippon Sub-Lease Co., Ltd. at

                          Higashi Nakahama 7-chome, Jyoto-ku, Osaka





2018:      March; Completed "Multi-Office" leasing  for Nippon Sub-Lease Co., Ltd. at

                          Higashi Nakahama 7-chome, Jyoto-ku, Osaka







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